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TheDesignLab Thread to Fabric Website Design

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We get it, designing the right website can be hard (and a little tedious…)

That’s why we do it for you.

From a simple website design layout to an online shop, or even just a landing page, our leading Australian designers work with you to ensure your website is best positioned for success.

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A well-designed, engaging and functional website is essential for small and medium businesses. In today’s crowded market, customers are hyper-sensitive, impatient, and unforgiving – placing significant pressure on businesses to reach, engage and connect with them if they hope to succeed.

We help you do just that.

We do everything websites.

We do that by creating high-quality, bespoke and engaging websites which ensure you not only stand out from the crowd, but are best positioned for success.

Offering high-quality, unique and adaptive website designs, we provide a full-suite of services and work with you to ensure your business not only stands out, but is best positioned for success.

Whether you are wanting a simple website to introduce yourself to the market, or are looking for a fully equipped online store, our hand-picked Australian design experts work to ensure your website is designed to maximise your visibility and engagement.

By carefully considering your business, your brand and your needs, we build a website from the ground up –  from the selection and use of graphics and images, to theme selection, layout functionality and content structure. We want to give you a website that helps you stand out from the crowd… and is also easy to manage.

We make it easy.

We understand that for most people, website design is out of their realm of expertise and comfort. This is why we work with you throughout the entire process, ensuring your needs are being met and you are happy with the outcome. A common issue when designing a website is personal taste and design preferences. This is why we not only let you select the designer that will design your website, we offer a money-back guarantee. To help you manage your website moving forward, we design your site for a user-friendly environment such as WordPress – which allows you to easily change content, add/remove plugins, and better manage functionality. If you are after a website not managed in a format such as WordPress, we can also provide this.

We do it fast.

We understand you want to focus on your business, so you are not looking for a long, drawn-out process. That is why our simple process aims to deliver you the perfect design in just 2-3 weeks (depending on your requirements).

Most of our clients can expect the following:

Week 1 – Receive, review and rate your custom design until you are happy with the perfect approach (this will be for your landing page, with other pages to follow).

Week 2 – Your hand-picked design will be developed into a functional website (our developers will be in contact with you).

Week 3 – Your website will be finalised and handed over (for a normal website our developers will book in a handover session with you. This will be a a 30 minute to 1-hour phone call to help you manage and edit your website moving forward).


Custom Designs

We don’t do stock standard. Every site we design is tailored to your business, brand and objectives.

Designed by

Hand-picked, qualified and award-winning graphic designers from throughout Australia.

Money-back Guarantee

We’re so confident that we know you’ll absolutely love your design or its FREE!

Features and add-ons

Whatever you need, we have you covered.

Need an online store?

We can add e-commerce capability to any site to help you sell your products or services.

Starting from $1599

  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment Gateway
  • Products and Orders
  • Self Managed
TheDesignLab Website Design


All our sites are designed with responsiveness in mind. This means your site will be developed to operate across web, mobile and tablet. No matter the scenario, your website is guaranteed to impress.


We place manageability high on our list. That is why all our sites are built in WordPress to make sure you can easily self-manage your site moving forward. This enables you to add, edit or remove posts, change products, alter content and much, more more.

Still need more?

Looking for extra functionality on your site? We can do it all.

  • Custom Functionality
  • Contact/Booking Forms
  • Portfolio/Team
  • Blogs
  • Newsletter
  • Cross Platform Integration
  • Live Chat Bot
  • And much more!

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    TheDesignLab Website Design How It Works
    TheDesignLab Thread to Fabric Website Design

    My new site is everything
    I imagined it could be.

    I can’t believe the difference! My new site is amazing and is already impressing new customers. Building a new website felt daunting, but the team at TheDesignLab made it really easy. I’m ready for world domination 🙂

    Felicity Pascoe - ThreadtoFabric

    My new site is everything
    I imagined it could be.

    I can’t believe the difference! My new site is amazing and is already impressing new customers. Building a new website felt daunting, but the team at TheDesignLab made it really easy. I’m ready for world domination 🙂

    Felicity Pascoe - ThreadtoFabric

    TheDesignLab Thread to Fabric Website Design

    Frequently asked questions

    Designers will upload landing page designs for you to review and rate. Once you are happy with the design (and you’ve selected your favorite one), the designer will complete other required pages for you. Once you’ve received all designs and are 100% happy, we can code the site for you (with any functionality you require). Alternatively, you can code it yourself or have it coded by someone else.

    Approximately 3-4 weeks for a basic site. Higher functionality sites will take additional time.

    We suggest the page is designed and created in WordPress so it’s easy to maintain post-design/build. However, it’s completely up to you.

    Yes, if you decide on a WordPress site, it will be easy for you to manage long-term, as well as editable. If we create a HTML site for you, then ongoing changes will need to be done by us or a developer of your choice.

    Our pricing starts at $1399 for a custom designed landing page. Extra pages and coding are at an additional cost. Select our ‘Get Started’ button within the ‘Pricing’ tab for more detail.

    Of course you can; we can create anything for you.

    Yes, absolutely. All URL’s and page layouts are designed and custom built to help maximise SEO appearance.