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Meet Hannah Johnson

Hannah Johnson


About Hannah Johnson

I'm Hannah. Artist, designer, photographer and maker of pretty things. Creating is my passion and I take great joy in fusing minimalist design with the honesty and soul that comes from making something by hand, to craft beautiful content for creative businesses.


“Odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe in order”

— Virginia Woolf


Born in London and now based in Melbourne, Hannah has worked with creative businesses from around the world including artists, photographers, fashion designers, skincare manufacturers, videographers, lifestyle product retailers and bloggers.


How would you describe your design style/specialty?

I love to capture everyday objects with mindfulness and simplicity and focus on appreciating the beauty in the world around me. Creating is my passion and I take great joy in fusing minimalist design with the honesty and soul that comes from making something by hand. My design style is whimsical and delicate with a focus on mindful craftsmanship.


How would your friends describe you?

High energy, meticulously organised, handy in a baking competition.


Who are some of your favourite clients you’ve worked with?

It may sound dorky but I genuinely love all my clients. I love working on projects that I feel passionate and excited about. A couple of my favourite projects so far have been illustrating a digital cookbook for From My Little Kitchen, and working alongside The Little Potion Co. on their branding, as well as creating illustrations for their beautiful, nature inspired products.


Summer or Winter?

Summer. Every time. Despite being English, I am terrible with cold temperatures. I love exploring in nature, going for long walks and going on road trips with my friends in the Summertime; though I am partial to a snuggling in my armchair with a cuppa and a good book on a rainy winter's day.


What is your all-time favourite movie?

The Breakfast Club.


Why do you love design?

I studied Fine Art at university and loved the creativity of it but I am a practical person by nature and love to see creativity woven with functionality, hence design. It is a challenge to see how you can bring creative flair to a practical application.



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