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Meet John Elliott

John Elliott


About John Elliott

This barbecue-loving designer from the Mornington Peninsula is the founder of @wearefour_design. He has a bold style that is bound to catch your eye.


What is your design specialty/how would you describe your style?


Illustrative line work and new business branding. My style is seen as bold and on trend.


Describe yourself in five words.


Creative, humble, Dad, competitive, social.


Any favourite “influencers” you’d love to have a beer or coffee with?


My favourite artists are @tenhun and @DJtambe. Their art is incredible and I love their style. 


Who are some of your favourite clients you’ve worked with?


I love working with community-based businesses, but my ongoing work with the @thevaultstudio has been fun to combine logo and illustration.


What is your go-to cuisine?


I love dabbling in Texas BBQ style cooking (…if I have 12 hours spare).

Why do you love design?


To create something from nothing feels so rewarding.


I also like the variety from job to job and following new design trends, which is always challenging and enjoyable.


In the end, making something you and your client are proud of, and seeing it out in the world is amazing.   

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