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Meet Tathiane Fernandes

Tathiane Fernandes


About Tathiane Fernandes

Tathi loves working in a fast-paced environment and finding a resolution to a client's problems. With a good understanding of different cultures living in Australia, Tathiane can help you target the market you want and grow your brand.

How would your friends describe you?

Determined, independent and sometimes funny. They always tell me that I'm a step ahead of the place that everyone believes I should be.


How would you describe your design style?

I’m always looking for a design that meets the target audience and represents the brand. For this reason, it changes constantly. However, colours in different shades and clean and objective design will always be seen in my works. I try to draw attention to what really matters and whenever possible, captivate the audience first with emotion, since it is responsible for how people remember brands.


Tell us a little about your background in the industry?

I graduated in advertising and publicity and have worked as a designer and photographer for more than seven years. I have worked in many industries, including marketing, planning, social media and printing. All of this gives me great knowledge on how to deal with the audience and how to captivate it through my creations.


Summer or Winter (and why?)

Winter, of course! Everything becomes more contemplative in the winter. People tend to get closer and the pastel tones bring an air of peace. The trees lose their foliage and you have sunny days as well. I find this amazing since you can enjoy two moments in one season.


Why do you love design?

Design is basically the gateway to the world. It is in everything we see and interact with. Imagine a world without design? It would be messy and sad! Design is one of the main tools we use to make the world visually cosier. And, unlike writing that requires a prior understanding of language, design is universal, it unites people at the same time as it creates emotional bonds with them.

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