Our Story

TheDesignLab is a full-service online design company dedicated to helping small and medium businesses succeed in the digital era.

It was born from a realisation that existing online design services were either unreliable, unaffordable or substandard, and failed to support the design and creative arts industries.

We rectify this by offering high-quality, engaging and impactful design, content and branding services that not only meet your needs but value Australian designers and creatives as well.

“I started The Design Lab to give Australian business owners access to award-winning and industry-leading graphic designers, developers, marketing experts and branding professionals to take your business to the next level, at an affordable price”
Adam Power – Director

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We Are Different

As a previous business owner, I became frustrated at the limited options available to Australian business owners seeking access to high quality, qualified, local and affordable services. I realised the market was split between high-cost design agencies, low-cost unqualified overseas options, or limited online services which failed to work with you to understand your true needs and goals.

TheDesignLab provides high quality services from Australian experts. We place great value in understanding your unique situation and needs to make sure we deliver exactly what you are looking for. Our process provides not only a quick turnaround, but ensures you are engaged throughout the entire process, with a dedicated manager to help guide you along the way.

We believe you shouldn’t have to coordinate between various companies to create the perfect design, content and branding materials for your business. As such, we offer a full-suite of products and services across these areas to cater to all your needs. Whether you just need a logo, or are looking for a full design and branding package, we have the capability to provide everything you need and help you stand out from the crowd.

For almost all design offerings we also provide the ability to select multiple designers to compete over your work. We know design preferences can change during the branding process and want to provide you with options to ensure you end up with an end product that you’ll love, for years to come.

We support Aussie designers.

Too often, the graphic design industry fails to properly value the work of qualified Australian designers.  With the emergence of overseas unpaid spec work, qualified Aussie designers are being overlooked, underappreciated and undervalued.

We aim to change that.

Our vision at TheDesignLab is to not only provide affordable high-quality, engaging and impactful design, content and branding services to Australian businesses but actively support qualified Aussie designers.

We want to keep Australian business in Australia.

That is why all of our designers are Australian-based, hand-picked and tertiary qualified, having worked with some of Australia’s best and most well-known brands. We are also passionate about supporting the growth and sustainability of the industry, which is why we actively take steps to increase the marketability of young design talent.

We understand and value diversity in design choice through a contest platform, but we do not support unpaid speculative work, unqualified designers, or the delivery of less than stellar design products.

You can be sure that when you choose TheDesignLab, you are supporting Aussie designers and creatives.

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