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TheDesignLab Logo Design Hannah Johnson Cakes By Issy

Design by Hannah Johnson

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  • Sarah Dawn
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  • Millie Cooper
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It’s a design contest.

Damn right it is. It’s a logo design contest with actual professionals. Work with one designer, or select two, three or five designers and make it a competition. The more you choose, the better the results. It’s simple: select your designers and wait for the unbelievable results. Then, select your favourite! Boom, job done!

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TheDesignLab Obsessive Craft Drinker

Design by John Elliot

Take your beer googles off,
see the truth behind a good logo design.

Your logo represents your business. If you get it wrong, your business could suffer. It describes what you do and what you’re all about in one image. So, it’s important you use a reputable design and branding company that’s going to create your brand, professionally!

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4 Steps to a great logo design

1. The Art

That’s basically what your logo is; a piece of digital art. Just like art, your logo can create feelings of joy, inspiration or calm. In fact, it can represent any feeling you want it to. Your logo will incorporate fonts, colours, graphics and layout in a visual that tells your customers all about you. A good logo design can be broken down into these four key categories.

1. Font: The perfect font can set your business apart from the rest. Just look at companies like Fedex and Coca-Cola. A good font logo cant be underestimated…when done right, it can be a masterpiece.

2. Colour: When it comes to creating a brand, colours play a vital role in what your brand stands for. Colours help your customers identify your brand and explain what you’re all about. Colours help customers distinguish a feeling about your brand and whether or not that feeling relates to what they need.

3. Icon: Icon or graphic design logos can make your brand a modern day symbol, recognisable to clients. A great example of this is the golden arches that are used by McDonald’s or the Nike tick. Both are recognised worldwide and are easily distinguishable.

4. Layout: Is your logo balanced, sized correctly and positioned properly? Your logo needs to be well balanced with appropriately sized font and colours relevant to your brand. Keep your layout simple but effective.

2. Don’t Over-do It

Clean lines, beautiful font, perfect balance and a colour that works for your industry will ensure you keep your brand simple, clear and concise. The last thing you need is a brand that looks busy, messy and confusing. Don’t over-cook it; this will confuse customers. Remember you’re trying to represent your business, so Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS).

3. Is your design Responsive?

Your logo may need to be used across many applications such as a website, business card or sign. As such, it needs to be responsive for all applications. For example, if your logo is too long it may not work for things like business cards or t-shirts. If it’s too short, it may be hard to read or decipher. Fonts and colours need to stand out. If you need a billboard designed then how will your logo stand out from a long distance?

4. Don’t Overshoot

Don’t overshoot it. Keep your brand within its parameters. In most instances, the industry you’re in will determine what colours are suitable and what layout and design will best suit your brand. For example, red represents energy, action, passion and love so it may not be a good colour for a dentist where blue would be better to create calm, honesty, and trust. Let’s support your brand message and ensure your logo is relevant to your business.


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Work with one designer, or select multiple designers to make it competition, the more you choose, the better the results.


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TheDesignlab Chief Republic

My new design
is awesome.

I can’t wait to see my new clothing logo design in the marketplace. I needed a brand that was bold, strong and delivered a punch, and that’s exactly what I got!

Dayle Wyatt - Chief Republic Clothing

My new design
is awesome.

I can’t wait to see my new clothing logo design in the marketplace. I needed a brand that was bold, strong and delivered a punch, and that’s exactly what I got!

Dayle Wyatt - Chief Republic Clothing

TheDesignlab Chief Republic

Frequently asked questions

Firstly are their designers actual qualified graphic designers or are they un-trained design wannabes. Our designers are all Australian qualified graphic designers and in some cases award winning. You are linked with some of Australia’s most talented designers that are seriously passionate and do this all day every day. Another thing, are your designer/s working on your logo even based in your country, how can a designer from overseas have any idea about what works and what doesn’t in your area. Last up, are they affordable, and do they offer a 100% money-back guarantee, without hidden exceptions like guaranteed contests or designs in the final round. You know what you get with TheDesignLab.

Depends on your budget but a logo design can range from $0 to 10’s of thousands. For a small business or startup you can expect to pay between $300 – $2500 for a custom designed logo by a professional graphic designer.

Well putting it simply, you will have some of Australia’s best graphic designers competing over your design. You will receive multiple custom designs from multiple designers ready for you to review and rate. Once you select the perfect logo that you absolutely love you’ll receive it in all file formats to use in all aspects of your business. And don’t forget, your design will be all yours, 100% copyright owned by you.

Give as much details as possible, the more you details the better the results. Research designs you like along with fonts, colours and images. Include sketches too if you can, the more the merrier!

Your design contest allows for a single logo design. If you need the same logo in different styles just ask in the brief, however if you need a different styled logo then please create another job.

Yes, yes, yes in fact we recommend it. All your files will be saved on your dashboard so it makes it easy to work with the same designer over and over. We love the fact that our customers are building long term relationships with us and our designers.

Copyright is owned by the designer until you accept the winning design. As soon as you select the winning design, the designer will ‘hand over” the design to you and transfer ownership then copyright is owned by you. All other designs remain the property of the designer so wont be available for use unless you wish to purchase it.

A simple way to think of it is the more designers competing the better the results plus the more designers the more fun it is. Again it depends on your budget but on average customers select 1, 3, 4 and 5 designers to join their project. Either way we guarantee you’ll love your design or we will give you your money back.

It’s simple, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. If you receive designs that don’t hit the mark we will assess the designs and have a chat to the designer/s and try push them in the right direction. If after this you’re still not happy then we will offer you a free designer change and get you some new designs. If after all this the designs haven’t met your brief and you’re not 100% happy we will happily refund your money. Keep an open mind though, designers may change the direction of a design, but it is usually for the better.

Honestly we think you’d be crazy to go anywhere else. No one else offers Australian qualified graphic designers that compete over your designs, then add to that a 100% money-back guarantee. We believe we’re unbeatable and would love to see your project on our designers desks.

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