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A brand is far more than just a logo or a website, it is a story about your business.

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TheDesignLab Sitchu Brand Identity pack
TheDesignLab Branding

A Brand is Everything.

Branding involves everything you do. From the product or service you provide, to the way you engage with your customers and vendors, your brand tells a story – and it can make or break your business. That is why our experts are here to help you create, craft and manage a brand which reflects your business and best positions you for success. Whether you are launching a new business and need to define and understand your brand, or are an established business looking to improve it (or perhaps even rebrand), we have you covered.

Branding Packages

We start by understanding your business, researching your competitors and creating a tailored Brand Strategy. Next our designers use this strategy to create game changing designs through a Brand Design competition. Finally we provide you with a comprehensive Brand Style Guidelines to use across all aspects of your business.

By the end of the process you will have a professional and stylish Brand Strategy Guide, as well as a comprehensive Style Guide including your new brand’s guidelines.


Designed for new businesses seeking to understand branding and looking for expert help in defining and creating a brand from the ground up.

Create the perfect brand.

  • Step 1 Understand core values, purpose, mission and vision.
  • Step 2 Research target market and competition.
  • Step 3 Define your brand essence, personality and tone.
  • Step 4 Create a comprehensive brand strategy plan.

Gold Brand Identity Pack

  • Custom Logo (3 Competing Designers)
  • Business Card Design
  • Email Signature Design
  • Letterhead and Envelope Design

Gold Brand Identity Pack

Detailing your new brand’s fonts, colours and styles.

  • Your new brand story
  • Logo Variations
  • Colour Guide
  • Typography Guide


Valued at $9,999


For businesses who are up and running,but just aren’t getting the most out of their brand. Our enterprise package will review, refine and reinvigorate your brand to take your business to the next level.

Take your band to the next level.

  • Step 1 Define your business and brand goals.
  • Step 2 Audit your existing brand.
  • Step 3 Identify brand misalignments and weakness.
  • Step 4 Develop new branding approach.
  • Step 5 Craft brand transformation strategy plan.

Platinum Brand Identity Pack

  • Custom Logo (5 Competing Designers)
  • Business Card Design
  • Email Signature Design
  • Letterhead and Envelope Design

Gold Brand Identity Pack

Detailing your new brand’s fonts, colours and styles.

  • Your new brand story
  • Logo Variations
  • Colour Guide
  • Typography Guide


Valued at $15,135

Add a custom designed
website to sell your product
or service.

We help by creating high-quality, bespoke and engaging websites which ensure you not only stand out from the crowd, but are best positioned for success.

TheDesignLab Belroy
TheDesignLab Obsessive Craft Drinker

Take your beer googles off,
see the truth behind a good logo design.

Your logo represents your business, if you get it wrong, your business could suffer. It describes what you do and what you’re all about in one image so it’s important to ensure you use a reputable design and branding company that’s going to create your brand, professionally.!

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4 Steps to a great design

1. The Art

That’s basically what your logo is, a piece of digital art. Just like art, your logo can create feelings of Joy, Inspiration or calm. In fact, it can represent any feeling. Your logo will incorporate fonts, colours, graphics and layout into a visual that tells your customers all about you. A good logo design breaks down into these 4 areas.

1.Font: The perfect font can set your business apart from the rest. Just look at companies like Fedex and Coca Cola. A good font logo cant be underestimated…when done right, it can be a masterpiece.

2.Colour: When it comes to creating a brand, colours play a vital role in what your brand stands for. Colours help your customers identify your brand and explain what you’re all about. Colours help customers distinguish a feeling about your brand and whether or not that feeling relates to what they need.

3.Icon: Icon or graphic design logos can make your brand a modern day symbol, recognisable to clients. A great example of this is the golden arches that are used by McDonalds or the Nike tick, both ared recognised worldwide and are easily distinguishable.

4.Layout: Is your logo balanced, sized correctly and positioned properly? Your logo needs to be well balanced with appropriately sized font and colours relevant to your brand. Keep your layout simple but effective.

2. Don’t Over-do It

Clean lines, beautiful font, perfect balance and a colour that works for your industry will ensure you keep your brand simple, clear and concise. The last thing you need is a brand that looks busy, messy and confusing. Don’t over-cook it; this will confuse customers. Remember you’re trying to represent your business, so Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS).

3. Is your design Responsive?

Your logo may need to be used across many applications such as a website, business card or sign. As such, it needs to be responsive for all applications. For example, if your logo is too long it may not work for things like business cards or t-shirts. If it’s too short, it may be hard to read or decipher. Fonts and colours need to stand out. If you need a billboard designed then how will your logo stand out from a long distance?

4. Don’t Overshoot

Don’t overshoot it. Keep your brand within its parameters. In most instances, the industry you’re in will determine what colours are suitable and what layout and design will best suit your brand. For example, red represents energy, action, passion and love so it may not be a good colour for a dentist where blue would be better to create calm, honesty, and trust. Let’s support your brand message and ensure your logo is relevant to your business.