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Why choose TheDesignLab

TheDesignLab Other Graphic
design company
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competion designers
Qualified designers
Guaranteed happiness Not really
All designers are paid
Aussie-based designers for Aussie-based businesses
Multiple qualified designers competing
multiple designs Not really
offer marketing assistance and brand promotion
offer back-end coding to bring your designs to life Some Some
rate your designs
chat freely with your designers
Get multiple revisions

What makes
our designers the best

Firstly they’ve been hand-picked. Our designers are industry-leading, kick-ass designers that are super passionate about design. After studying 1000’s of designers portfolios we’ve done the hard work for you … and selected only the best.

Secondly, you don’t just get one of these unbelievable designers, you get as many as you like. And they’re competing over your designs; this means they are going to seriously push the branding boundaries.

Last but not least: ALL of our designers are qualified and Australian-based. We are here to nurture Australian graphic design talent while providing you, the customer, with access to affordable branding.

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