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Need a custom logo design?

Need a custom logo design to make your business stand out from the rest? We’re industry award winning qualified graphic designers at an extremely affordable price! Get an amazing custom design now at a fraction of the cost.


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Time for a new website?

Does your business sell products in an online shop, or maybe you just need a informative site for your customers. Either way we will tailor design a perfect website for your business.

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Get a great design

2 ways to get a great design – Work with one designer, or select multiple designers to make it a competition. The more you choose, the better the results.

TheDesignLab Solo Designer

Hire 1 designer

Collaborate 1 on 1 with a designer to get a perfect design that you will love.

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Start a contest

Select 2 to 12 industry leading, Australian qualified graphic designers to compete over your designs. The more you select the better the results!

Hook the big fish.

Catch your customers attention with a clean and impactful design. Branding is vital to company success, so let’s catch your clients hook, line and sinker with a fresh new look.

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TheDesignLab Hook the Big Fish

Multiple industry-leading designers creating unbelievable results!

TheDesignLab Chief Republic Clothing

My new design

is awesome.

I can’t wait to see my new clothing logo design in the marketplace. I needed a brand that was bold, strong and delivered a punch, and that’s exactly what I got!

Dayle Wyatt – Chief Republic Clothing
Let’s create a new custom logo

What would you like designed?

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